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Whale testicle beer angers conservationists

Whale testicle beer pisses off conservationists

Iceland’s Stedji Brewery has simultaneously hit the headlines and angered conservationists all over the world with the release of a new beer made with whale testicles.

You read the correctly. Its makers says that Hvalur 2 is made with whale testicles, which have been smoked in dried sheep droppings to give it a smokey flavour.

Naturally, the international anti-whaling movement is not well pleased with the new beer, which is a sequel to a beer the company made a year ago with endangered fin whale.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation campaigner Vanessa Williams-Grey commented: “This is a calculated move, not only to dishonour a beautiful and endangered creature by using its most intimate of body parts as a marketing tool, but also sends a clear ‘two fingers’ to the conservation community and those who love and respect whales.

“Right-minded people would no sooner drink beer brewed with whale testicles than they would order similar drinks made with tiger, elephant or rhino testicles and our hope, of course, is that visitors to Iceland will treat this latest offering with the disdain it deserves.”

But Hvalur 2’s makers told UK newspaper The Guardian that in the past Icelandic people have made food out of all ingredients available to them, including rotting sharks and the testicles from rams.

Dagbjartur Ariliusson said: “We live in a country that allows whaling and the whaling is very well controlled by the Icelandic authorities, but fisheries here are self-sustainable and very responsible.

“According to our research the fin whale in North Atlantic is not at risk of extinction.”

The beer has been brewed to coincide with the month-long celebration of Thorri, which began last month in honour of Thor – the Norse (and Marvel) god of thunder. Stedji Brewery has brewed 20,000 bottles of Hvalur 2, with one whale testicle used in every batch.

Hvalur 2 is controversial enough – but does its taste match the hype? Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried this beer.

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