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Oh Brother Pale Ale craft beer review

Oh Brother Pale Ale craft beer review

ABV: 5.1%

The bottle: The Oh Brother font reminds me of a B-movie – a creature feature, perhaps, or a Troma film.

Hopefully this won’t prove to be a B-grade beer, but then the crew at Liberty Brewing in Auckland, New Zealand, have never let me down before.

What it says on the bottle: Easy drinking… designed to be quaffed. Look at that golden colour & crisp white head glistening in the sun. Now touch it to the tongue for some of the latest US hops [treated with moderation]. Inhale those smells of passionfruits, mangoes and subtle malts. There’s a well-balanced full body to enjoy – right to the tropical, biscuit bittersweet end. Oh Brother it’s a doozy.

Tastes like: It’s as smooth as a very smooth thing. The Oh Brother Pale Ale is so easy to drink that it doesn’t even touch the sides. One bottle very quickly leads to two.

Thankfully Liberty Brewing has shown more restraint in brewing this beer than I have drinking it.

It’s lightness in colour belies its fullness of flavour. Oh Brother is lightly hopped, with notes of silky-smooth caramel. Moving from the Panhead Pilsner to this beer was like going from 30km/hr to 70km/hr – a big step up in flavour, without reaching top speed.

Is it the best beer ever? The Oh Brother Pale Ale by Liberty Brewing is a very likeable and easy-drinking American pale ale.

What it’s not, however, is deep and complicated. This beer’s flavour – while relatively bold – just isn’t nearly as complex as its wonderfully fruity aroma.

I stopped after two, but I’m wondering if discerning beer drinkers might get a bit bored with Oh Brother after a while?

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