1 August 2015 - Best Beer HQ

Beeeers! Official Walking Dead beer announced

A craft beer based on The Walking Dead? Yes please!

Official Walking Dead beer announced

Beer lovers shambling to the fridge and crying out for “beeeeers!” will soon be able to enjoy a Walking Dead-themed blood orange India Pale Ale replete with a “horrific amount of hops”.

Brewed by American craft brewery Terrapin Beer Company – based in Athens, Georgia – The Walking Dead blood orange IPA will be available in the US in 22oz (650ml) bottles, coming in at 6.7% alcohol by volume.

So far no release date has been announced; however, the beer is expected to be released at some stage in the fall, coinciding with the start of the sixth season of The Walking Dead TV show.

There’s no word yet whether the beer will be available outside of the United States.

The beer’s label features a zombie-fied version of the Terrapin Beer Company mascot, a turtle, flanked by a swarm of the undead. As it says on the label, “this bloodthirsty Red IPA will have you prepared for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.”

The Terrapin Beer Company was founded in 2002 by Brian “Spike” Buckowski and John Cochran. Realising that “anyone could make just another pale ale, brown ale or stout”, the business partners instead aimed to craft beers unlike any that were available in their corner of the United States.

A Grateful Dead fan, Buckowski named the brewery after the band’s ninth studio album, 1977’s Terrapin Station.

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