Mac’s Miss Conduct Dry Hopped Pilsener Review

4 November 2018 - Best Beer HQ

Mac’s Miss Conduct Dry Hopped Pilsener Review

I know it’s not strictly craft these days (the brewery, formerly a craft beer pioneer in this country, was acquired by Lion long ago), but I’m partial to a Mac’s beer every now and again. If I had to pick a top three in the range, they’d probably be Green Beret IPA, Interstate APA, and Hop Rocker Pilsener.

Here’s hoping this brand-new Mac’s beer, Miss Conduct Dry Hopped Pilsener, is just as good or better.

ABV: 5.2%

IBU: 30

Blurb on the bottle: Not every lager is as strait-laced as it looks. Just like the librarian who’s an inked-up roller derby queen, this crisp pilsener packs an unexpected hoppy punch.

Taste test: Can you accurately describe this beer as having an “unexpected” hoppy punch when it’s written there on the side of the bottle?

It does have a sharp hop-kick to it, though. Oddly, Miss Conduct kind of reminds me of what Mac’s own Hop Rocker pilsener used to taste to me when I was first getting in to craft beer; I was such a noob back then, that it practically tasted like an APA when compared to the lagers and domestic Kiwi draught beers that I’d been drinking for years.

This beer would be an equally good gateway for rookie beer drinkers who are looking to try something interesting, but not that interesting. That sounds like an insult, but I don’t mean it to be one. It’s just that this beer is still pretty tame at the end of the day, despite those added hops.

The verdict: Mac’s Miss Conduct pilsener is crisp, drinkable, refreshing; all those lovely adjectives that you look for when the weather is hot and sunny. I can see myself drinking a few more this summer season.

Beer/movie combination: Normally I try to pick a movie or TV show that is even slightly relevant to the beer on review, but today I just can’t be bothered with all that. You see, I just got done watching The Haunting of Hill House and it is bloody brilliant. It’s scary, yes, but also epic, mournful, and oddly optimistic.

Stop reading this review and go watch it on Netflix right now.

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