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Infographic: which beer glass should I choose?

“Which beer glass should I use?” It’s a question that’s often met with derision from fancy-pants beer drinkers who know their pilsner glasses from their imperial pint glasses.

Well no longer shall these pretentious beer drinkers look down their noses and scoff, because thanks to this handy infographic you’ll be able to choose the correct vessel for your type of beer. Study up, my friends – there will be a test on this at the bottom of the page…

Infographic: which beer glass should I choose?

So what did we learn today, kids? I was only joking about the quiz.

Personally, I’d never noticed the difference between Irish, English and American pint glasses – the shaker, imperial and nonic shapes. But now that I think about it, this infographic is spot on. In New Zealand, too, we tend to get the American-style beer pint glass, except when drinking at an Irish- or English-style pub.

That wine glasses make excellent vessels for beer was also rather surprising, considering I’ve never attempted to drink beer from a wine glass. Suppose it makes sense, how the stem of the glass helps the beer stay cooler for longer, because your hand doesn’t touch the part of the glass that houses the beer.

Still, you’d look a bit odd drinking beer out of a wine glass, wouldn’t you? And after this infographic, you’ll never have an excuse for not using the correct beer glass.

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