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Infographic: the most popular beers in the world

Beer lovers worldwide – prepare to be disappointed in your fellow countrymen’s taste in beer…

As cool as craft beer is right now, it seems that it’s still got a long way to go before it’ll supplant the cheaper mainstream swill that’s favoured by the mainstream.

Just take a look at this fascinating infographic if you don’t believe me:

Infographic: the most popular beers in the world

That’s a map of every country’s most popular beer – well, most of the countries anyway.

It should surprise no-one that Corona Extra is the most popular beer in Mexico, or that Bud Light and Budweiser are the kings of North America. Likewise, there are no surprises about Ireland’s favourite beer (Guinness), or the best-selling beers in the Netherlands (Heineken) or Japan (Asahi).

In Australia, Victoria Bitter is the best-selling beer, while Lion Red is the top beer across the ditch in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, in Asia, Kingfisher is the top-dog in India, Bintang and Beerlao are the best-selling beers in Indonesia and Laos respectively, and it appears that Chang and Singha share top-billing in Thailand.

Best Beer HQ can’t say it’s ever had the pleasure of trying Snow – the beer, not the precipitation – which is the most popular beer in China.

Perhaps we need to get out a bit more.

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