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Good George Blueberry Sour review

Good George Blueberry Sour review

On the hunt for new craft beers and breweries, I stumbled across a brand-new watering hole recently called ‘The Beer Spot’ on Auckland’s North Shore. While there, I only had time for two beers – Uranium Breath IPA by Mash Palace, and a blueberry gose by Waikato brewery Good George.

On review today is the latter, which I have to admit is a relatively new style of beer to me – so I feel a little unqualified to write this review, not that it’s stopped me from having my say about random styles of beer in the past.

I’ve only had one sour beer before – 8 Wired’s Hippy Berliner cucumber sour – so I was definitely keen to give this one a go. Especially because I haven’t eaten a great deal of fruit and vegetables lately and this beer counts as one of my 5+ a day, right?

Malts: Gladfield Pilsner, Weyermann Wheat, Weyermann Munich T2, Acid Malt

Hops: Not many, if any (a little bit of Pacific Jade)

Yeast: US-05, Lactobacillus cocktail

Fruit: 300 grams/litre Waikato-grown blueberries

Other: Marlborough sea salt

Tastes like: Banana.

I’m only joking. This beer tastes like blueberries, obviously.

Good George’s Blueberry Sour isn’t as sweet as berry cider (thank God) but nor is it exactly as tart as I was expecting. It wasn’t as lip-smackingly sour as the cucumber sour that I’d tried previously, but I enjoyed the sheer flavour of it more. A lot more, in fact. This beer was so delicious and drinkable that I downed it in record time.

It kind of reminded me of those snakebites you get in the United Kingdom, made with lager, cider, and a dash of blackcurrant cordial. But it was a lot better. I’ve never seen the point of those drinks, to be honest.

Is it the best beer ever? As much as I enjoyed this beer – for its novelty factor as much as anything else – I simply do not have a sweet tooth. So I can imagine this beer would get a bit cloying after a while. But that’s purely conjecture. As I said, I only had time for two beers, and I certainly wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to try something new by drinking the same beer twice.

So you should try Good George’s Blueberry Sour for yourself. I’ll bet you’ll like it – I mean, who doesn’t like blueberries? But if you’re anything like me, then you’ll chalk this one up as a fun little adventure and not the best beer ever made.

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