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Funk Estate Yes Yes Y’all beer review

Funk Estate Yes Yes Y’all beer review

ABV: 3.5%

What: A session pale ale with a bad-ass Blaxploitation beer label. Just take a look at that picture above – isn’t it sweet?

As you can see, unlike the Oh Lordy New Zealand pale ale by Funk Estate which I’ve already reviewed, this beer comes in a 330ml can.

Blurb on the can: Yes Yes Y’all, and you don’t stop. This session pale ale is our tribute to early hip hop culture, when MC’s would freestyle for hours on end, and to fill the gaps in their mad rhymes, would slip in golden phrases such as this beer’s namesake.

That’s what Yes Yes Y’all will do; allow you to plug  those gaps in your day with something that punches well above its weight, and then continue on like it ain’t no thang.

Funk Estate: We are Dylan, Jordan and Shigeo. We were drawn together by our love for lagers, affection for ales and an all-round passion for a pint. To put it simply, we like good beer. We’re about making brews from across the spectrum, releasing limited runs of big, bold and outrageous beers, as well as holding down a solid line-up of tasty drops. Seek us out, stay funky.

According to the Facebook page, Funk Estate was founded in Wellington in 2012.

Tastes like: One of the better mid-strength beers around. For instance, it knocks the socks off similar efforts by Kiwi domestic breweries Mac’s and Monteith’s (see Mac’s Mid Vicious vs Monteith’s Mid Ale). Unlike those two, this beer doesn’t taste like a watered-down version of a better beer.

This is a decent a beer, let alone one that’s low in alcohol. There’s more than enough here to keep me interested; it’s soft and sweet with a terrific hoppy aroma that belies the fact that it’s only a mid-strength pale ale.

Unfortunately for me, I only had one can of this stuff. I would have liked to drink another, to see if it would suffer from diminishing returns. Sometimes I can get a bit bored with mid-strength beers, but there’s no reason to think that might be the case with this one.

Is it the best beer ever? It’s a good session beer in a funky can, and probably one of the best mid-strength beers I’ve had recently.

Then again, that’s maybe not saying a lot.

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