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Founders Porter craft beer review

Founders Porter craft beer review

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 45

What: Today this Kiwi (that’s me) will be reviewing the porter by Founders Brewing Company – a craft brewery in Michigan, USA – on tap at a bar in Melbourne, Australia.

Don’t you just love how interconnected the world is these days?

Tastes like: The beer equivalent of smooth jazz, sung by an elderly black gentleman with a smoky voice, while I sit in an intimate little dive bar in New Orleans and ponder life, love and the meaning of it all.

In other words, this dark and deeply complex beer is magnificent.

However, before I try to put into words what my taste buds enjoyed about this beer, I should just come clean and admit that I don’t typically drink a lot of porters. I don’t know why that is exactly – whether I just find them to be a bit intimidating, or I consider them to be more of a “winter beer” and I happen to live in a temperate climate.

Regardless, maybe I should drink a lot more porters if they taste like this one. Black as my ex-wife’s heart (just joking; we’re still together), with a thin, tan head, Founders Porter smacks of coffee and toasted caramel, with a lovely, chocolatey aroma. It boasts a medium body and carbonation, which means it goes down smooth and velvety.

While it’s obviously not a session beer, I could definitely knock back a pint or two of Founders Porter.

Is it the best beer ever? I just don’t know, to be honest. It’s definitely one of the best porters I’ve had in recent memory – but the problem is I’m just not qualified enough to say with any conviction whether this one by the Founders Brewing Company is exceptional. But I certainly think it is.

But I can tell you this for sure: I’ve been inspired by this brilliant beer to make a concerted effort to drink more craft beer porters.

I read another review of this beer that I thought was very apt, so I’m going to paraphrase it here. It said Founders Porter is sort of like the girl next door that you fail to notice, but when you do finally get together you realise what you’ve been missing out on.

That’s how I’m feeling about porters in general right now.

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