Fiji Gold vs Fiji Bitter: Which Beer is Best?

9 August 2016 - Best Beer HQ

Fiji Gold vs. Fiji Bitter: Which Beer is Best?

Beer tastes better at the beach, right? Well, a recent trip to Fiji challenged that notion…

It seems variety isn’t the spice of life for beer drinkers in the tiny island nation of Fiji, where more often than not you’re faced with only two options: Fiji Bitter or Fiji Gold.

Decisions, decisions… which beer should you choose? One generic pale lager or another generic pale lager? Well, lucky for you, you don’t have to strain your brain while you’re away on holiday in Fiji; we’ve done all the groundwork and taste-tested both beers so that you don’t have to.

Now prepare yourself for a good old fashioned fist fight (not really), as we pitch these two Fijian beers in an almighty battle for beach bar supremacy.

Fiji Bitter Review

ABV: 4.6%

Fiji Bitter is billed as “the real taste of Fiji”, which means Fiji tastes of watered-down malt, with a hint of sweetness, and a medium amount of bitterness. It has a slightly grainy aroma, of cereal and corn, with an off-gold coloured body and a crisp white head.

So there’s definitely more going on in a glass or bottle of Fiji Bitter than in your typical generic lager (see Fiji Gold, below), but that’s not saying a heck of a lot. If you drank half a glass or more of a decent lager, such as Pilsner Urquell, say, and then filled it up with water, the result would taste something like Fiji Bitter.

But beggars can’t be choosers, and Fiji Bitter barely touches the sides after a morning spent snorkelling, swimming, and generally relaxing on the beach.

Fiji Gold vs Fiji Bitter: Which Beer is Best?

Fiji Gold Review

ABV: 4.4%

Fiji Gold, meanwhile, bills itself as a “full strength” lager, but “less filling” with fewer carbs. All good if you’re after that perfect beach body, but we’re already at the beach – it seems a bit too late to be worrying about that now.

Still, the man behind the beach bar at the Beachcomber Island Resort reckons Fiji Gold is a superior beer to Fiji Bitter. He must appreciate this beer’s aggressive blandness, its sweet taste, and all-round golden bubbliness. There’s no accounting for taste, I suppose.

But I reckon Fiji Gold is just about the most generic golden lager you could possibly ever think of. And to be honest, trying to review it is a bit of a nightmare because it doesn’t really taste of anything. It’ll only just do the trick when served ice-cold on the beach.

So which is the better beer?

Fiji Bitter vs. Fiji Gold is a bit like Alien vs. Predator – whoever wins, we lose.

Neither is a particularly good beer; in fact, they’re both fairly terrible. But if I have to choose one – and I do have to, not just for the purposes of this blog post but because they’re pretty much the only local beers available much of the time – I’d side with the classic Fiji Bitter.

There’s just more going on (slightly) in a stubbie of Fiji Bitter than there is in the far more generic Fiji Gold. But let’s just say that Best Beer HQ won’t be rushing off to buy a Fiji Bitter singlet anytime soon…

Got a second opinion? Tell me about it in the comments section.

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  • josh says:

    Ha! this brings back memories of a crappy “resort” on a seaweed-filled beach in Nandi! I did bring back a beer mug from there which I’m drinking out of now. The Cava brew that they drink with you is only slightly less weak than these beers. Bula!

  • Jay says:

    Limited options but both brings out the best in the taste of beer in Paradise.

  • Lucas says:

    Fijian locals don’t bother with beer or any alcohol for that matter. Their drink of celebration or relaxation is Kava. A lot of Fiji’s population is divided between villages which surround the major cities such as Korovou, Suva and Nadi, and generally don’t allow or like alcohol within their villages as it often leads to violence, especially among youth.. Therefore, beer is not exactly a priority for them. Then again, who goes to Fiji to drink beer, go spelunking and end your day with a few “high tides” of Kava with the locals.

  • Arez says:

    Fijians only care about getting drunk, no one gives a shit about taste or carbs lol
    The new trend is beat the night..
    The beer must not run out
    The night must end first lol

  • Abhijeet Sjngh says:

    Fiji goldmor fiji bitter? We have people who love the taste of primary beer fiji bitter but in the past 10-12 years fiji had a change with new fiji gold beer full strength less calories. Fiji gold is more for people who wants to drink and relax the atmosphere with little less filling(calories) over bitter which is full tight. If i have to choose between the two then its fijj gold.

  • Krishneel Varma says:

    Fiji Gold be the BEST

  • David Bowden says:

    I have ebeen deep into a 2 week experiment comparing fiji gold to fiji bitter. I agree with the original review. I have also been comparing Vonu lager.

    My opinion
    1.Fiji Gold in Can
    2. Vonu lager bottle
    3. Fiji Bitter Can

    All are really about the same as each other FIJI GOLD is just the easiest and tastiest to swill down one hot humid day.

  • Grant says:

    Great post haha, reading this drinking a longneck of fiji gold in our hotel trying to figure out if Fiji actually has any decent beer, apparently not! Very well written cheers

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