Combining Vaping and Beer for Great Flavors

20 January 2019 - Best Beer HQ

Combining Vaping and Beer for Great Flavors

In the past, a lot of people deemed a hot cup of coffee with a tobacco cigarette to be a great combination. However, as health risk concerns for people smoking tobacco grew, a new, healthier, and flavored substitute for tobacco was introduced. It involves vaping, combined with a glass of cold beer.

This is regarded to be an excellent combination because there is a variety of vape juices with different flavors that one can try with different types of beer. Whether you prefer drinking heavy stout beer or light lager, you have numerous alternatives for playing around with taste.

Here we’ll provide you with some recommendations for beer and vape juices. You can try these suggestions or mix and match them a bit, so that you can obtain the perfect taste. Below are some of the best combinations for each beer type.


Ale was introduced to the world in the middle ages with the aim to give people joy and the right nutrition. It was so popular that almost everybody was drinking it on a regular basis. The sweet fruit beer is produced by undergoing a warm fermentation brewing procedure. Nowadays, we have numerous types of ale available on the market, ranging from malt, to brown, to pale, to barley. If you find yourself in Brussels, then you can try the Belgium ale, as it has an exquisite taste.

In combining ale and vape juices of great quality, the end result is an intense taste. For instance, you can try Heineken’s Newcastle brown ale with Havana cream e-liquid manufactured by ePuffer, a reputable manufacturer of e-liquids and other first-class vaping accessories. Combining these two gives you a prolonged flavor.


Pilsner is one of the most famous beers in the world, first produced in 1842. The pale lager beer has captured both the hearts and tongues of many beer lovers over time. Pilsner is the first lager brand brewed using the original Bavarian style of the person who first created it, Josef Groll, who is referred to as the father of Pils. Today we have many brands of pilsner, like the Stella Artois, Pilsner Urquell, and the Krombacher.

You can barely mention Stella Artois without combining it with a nice vape juice. The flavor of the beer is very balanced, beginning with a bitter taste and then leaving a fresh aftertaste in your mouth. The beer can be combined together with a menthol-flavored e-liquid to make the taste even more intense.


Lager beers are brewed at low temperatures. They come in different colors, ranging from pale, to golden, to amber, to dark. One of the most thrilling facts of lager beers is that German brewers used to stuff their cellars with ice in the summer so that the beer would be cold. This means that this beer stimulated the need for a refrigerator.

Heineken is one of the most famous lager beer brands today. As such, this beer deserves to be combined with quality e-liquids. It is recommended that you combine it with Belvedere e-liquid. When the two are joined together, you get a unique blend of an exquisite taste.

So there you have it… a great variety of beer/vape combos to try. Cheers!

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