Burleigh Brewing Co. Twisted Palm Beer Review

17 June 2018 - Best Beer HQ

Burleigh Brewing Co. Twisted Palm Beer Review

I’ve just returned to New Zealand from a wonderful week on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, where I sampled a huge range of beers (that’s what holidays are for, right?) including this one: Twisted Palm Tropical Pale Ale by Burleigh Brewing Company.

I bought a six-pack of this beer at a bottle shop in Caloundra and proceeded to drink half of it in the sweet sunshine at my hotel, overlooking the swimming pool; I drank the rest of it the next day, up the road in sunny Mooloolaba.

ABV: 4.2%

Blurb on the bottle: An easy drinking, laid-back pale ale with hop-driven tropical characters of orange, mango and papaya.

The review: They’ve got that right; Twisted Palm Tropical Pale Ale is extremely easy to drink (especially in the sunshine), with subtle characters of orange, mango, and papaya – kind of like a tropical fruit salad in beer form.

With that in mind, it wouldn’t be appropriate to drink this beer somewhere cold. Burleigh Brewing Co.’s Twisted Palm is a product of the warm climate in which it has been brewed. It’s a summer beer (or only a winter beer if you happen to be drinking it on the Sunshine Coast, where I can’t believe that it’s still tshirt-and-shorts weather).

It’s light, refreshing, and sessionable.

The verdict: This tropical pale ale gets two thumbs up from me. (I also enjoyed Burleigh Brewing’s 28 California Pale Ale last time I was in Australia, so this Queensland brewery is currently batting 1000 on Best Beer HQ.)

Beer/movie combination: Just as Twisted Palm is an ideal summer beer, Stephen Spielberg’s Jaws is the ultimate summer blockbuster. Just don’t watch it just before you go for a swim in the ocean…

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