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British Colombia’s best beers named at CAMRA awards 2015

British Colombia’s best beers announced at CAMRA awards

On the same night as the Academy Awards in Hollywood, beer lovers in Vancouver were celebrating their favourite beers and breweries at the annual Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) beer awards.

The 1,500-strong local chapter of CAMRA – an organisation dedicated to the promotion and responsible consumption of craft beer – conducts a poll every year to recognise the best beers, breweries, beer bloggers and more in British Colombia, Canada.

CAMRA members vote online and the results were announced at the Vancouver club’s annual general meeting.

Without further ado, these were the winners of CAMRA Vancouver awards in 2015:

Best Beer Label Artwork

  1. Driftwood Fat Tug 2015 (pictured above)

Best Beer Name

  1. Parallel 49 Toques of Hazard White Imperial IPA

Best Brewery in British Colombia

  1. Four Winds Brewing Company
  2. Brassneck Brewery
  3. Yellow Dog Brewing Company

Best Local Beer Blogger or Writer

  1. Barley Mowat
  2. Joe Weibe
  3. Rebecca Whyman and Mike Garson (tie)

Best Seasonal Beer in British Colombia

  1. Driftwood Sartori IPA
  2. Driftwood Singularity Russian Imperial Stout
  3. Four Winds Saison Brett

Best Beer in British Colombia

  1. Driftwood Fat Tug IPA
  2. Yellow Dog Play Dead IPA
  3. Brassneck Passive Agressive Dry Hopped Pale Ale

Best Local Beer Event

  1. Vancouver Craft Beer Week
  2. Hoppapalooza
  3. BC Beer Awards & Festival

Best Local Cask Night

  1. Augustine’s Craft Brew House and Kitchen
  2. Yaletown Brewing Company
  3. The Railway Club

Best Local Private Liquor Store

  1. The Brewery Creek Liquor Store
  2. Legacy Liquor Store
  3. Darby’s Liquor Store

Best Local Beer Server

  1. Tied between Kai Miller and Alex Wilson
  2. Nigel Springthorpe
  3. Nicole Coetzee Forest-Smith

Best Local Beer Establishment

  1. St. Augustine’s Craft Brew House and Kitchen
  2. BierCraft Restaurant
  3. CRAFT Beer Market Vancouver

Best Brewpub in British Colombia

  1. Howe Sound Brewing Company
  2. Yaletown Brewing Company
  3. Moon Under Water Brewpub

Best Local Brewpub

  1. Yaletown Brewing Company
  2. Steamworks Brewpub
  3. Howe Sound Brewing Company

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