Boundary Road Powder Hound XPA Review

2 September 2018 - Best Beer HQ

Boundary Road Powder Hound XPA Review

While it’s not strictly “craft beer” as beer snobs know it (Boundary Road Brewery is owned by Independent Liquor, New Zealand’s third largest brewer, which happens to be owned by Asahi), I appreciate that BRB isn’t completely phoning it in like some other faux craft-beer brands (*cough* Monteith’s *cough*).

Today I’m reviewing Boundary Road’s new ‘Powder Hound’ XPA, which comes in can form, rather than the usual bottles. I picked up a six-pack for the killer price of $12 or so, which is exceptional value that proper craft breweries just aren’t able to match.

But does it taste good? That’s obviously the most important thing.

ABV: 4.8%

IBU: 21

Malts: Pale ale, acidulated, red

Hops: Pacific jade, Motueka, Nelson sauvin, liberty

Blurb on the can: Powder hounds are passionate – some might say obsessive – about seeking out the freshest, highest quality powder (AKA snow for those not in the know), Here at BRB, we’re equally obsessed with quality and flavour. That’s why we’ve created this extra pale ale. While not quite white, it’s lighter than a pale ale, with refreshing citrus flavours and a malt biscuit tone. The search is over.

The review: First I’ve got to compliment Boundary Road’s new-look cans, which are very cool indeed. It doesn’t look cheap, and I’m sure plenty of people will reach for cans of Powder Hound XPA, not realising that it’s not actually craft. Does that matter? Not if it tastes good.

Does it taste good? Actually, it does. BRB’s new Powder Hound XPA has a good amount of flavour, especially at less than 5% ABV. It’s bursting with tropical, citrus goodness, with a slightly sour, fuzzy finish. It’s light in body – as all extra pale ales tend to be – and very refreshing.

I drunk it straight from the can (I’m classy that way) so I can’t accurately comment on its colour or aroma.

The verdict: Road Brewery’s Powder Hound XPA could be the best cheap-and-cheerful faux-craft beer on the market today.

I know, I know… that’s some very high praise indeed – and I wish Independent Liquor was paying me to say it! At $12 or less for a six pack, it’s cheaper than Mac’s, which is its only real competition in this space, and it tastes good. Very good, in fact.

Beer/movie combination: Just as Boundary Road is poor man’s “craft beer”, The Mummy (1999) is a poor man’s Indiana Jones. It’s DEFINITELY nowhere near as good as the real thing, but you know what, it’s still pretty fun.

I’m sure the special effects won’t have aged well, but I fully intend on re-watching The Mummy now that it’s on New Zealand’s Netflix…

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