Temple Rye Hard IPA Beer Review

3 September 2017 - Best Beer HQ

Temple Rye Hard IPA Beer Review

Let’s take a break from the bevy of beverages I tried on my recent trip to the States, and take a look at this Australian brew that I picked up at my local bottle shop in Auckland, New Zealand. It’s called Rye Hard, and it was proudly brewed by Temple Brewing Company in Brunswick East, Victoria.

ABV: 6.3%

IBU: 45

Blurb on the bottle: Rye Hard is burnt orange in colour and has a lacy, creamy head with floral, herbal and citrusy aromas.

The full malty palate has hints of orange, mandarin and an earthy hop bitterness, which finishes dry and spicy from the addition of rye.

Yippy Rye Ay!

The brewery: At Temple, we produce a range of distinctive, handcrafted beers that are brewed with passion and dedication to craftsmanship.

Taste test: I drank this one straight from the bottle, so I can’t comment on the beer’s appearance, except that it slowly frothed upon opening, which stuck to the side of the bottle.

Rye Hard is slightly spicy, warming, with low carbonation. It’s also robust in flavour, with a strong malt backbone that’s never completely overshadowed by the hops. It tastes of mandarin, orange, burnt toffee, and heaven.

The verdict: Rye Hard is a very good beer, that isn’t strictly an IPA, even though it’s labelled as such. I feel that the rye is the crucial ingredient in this beer, rather than the hops, but it all works so well together. I highly recommend it.

Beer/movie combination: With a name like ‘Rye Hard’ I’m hardly going to recommend you pair this beer with Forrest Gump, now am I?

Yippy Rye Ay!

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