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  • 7 April 2015 - Best Beer HQ

    Kronenbourg 1664 beer review

    ABV: 5% Bottle: Kronenbourg 1664 has the look of a classic European lager. It’s housed in a green bottle that’s been embossed with the numbers ‘1664’, with a blue beer label across the top of the bottle which proudly states that this is a beer of the international variety – definitely not a domestic one. Blurb on […]

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  • 31 March 2015 - Best Beer HQ

    Heineken beer review

    ABV: 5% Bottle: The iconic green bottle with the lone red star. Few beers in the world are as iconic as Heineken. Legend has it that the grandson of the original founder of Heineken is the genius who made the ‘e’ in the label smile so that it would appear more friendly (check out these […]

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  • 17 March 2015 - Best Beer HQ

    Craft beer review: Boundary Road Mumbo Jumbo

    ABV: 5.2% What is it? A beer by faux craft brewery “Boundary Road Brewery”, an imprint of Independent Liquor – one of the largest alcoholic beverage makers in New Zealand – which is itself owned by Japanese company Asahi. Bottle: A vintage-looking blue beer label features the name of the beer – Mumbo Jumbo India Pale Ale […]

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  • ABV: 5% Availability: James Squire Four Wives Pilsener is an Australian “craft beer” (the Malt Shovel Brewery that owns the James Squire brand is itself owned by Australasian food and beverage company Lion Nathan, which is owned by Japanese company Kirin). At the time of writing, James Squire Four Wives Pilsener is only available on […]

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  • 18 February 2015 - Best Beer HQ

    Craft beer review: Founders 1946 Pilsner

    ABV: 5% Bottle: I love the look of the Founders craft brewery’s range of beers. Each one has a year and the label has a picture to go with that year.  In this case, the picture on the beer label is of a red-headed woman in a polka-dot bikini and the year is 1946, the year […]

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