15 December 2014 - Best Beer HQ

Stone Brewing Co. brings craft beer to Maui

Stone Brewing Co. brings craft beer to Maui

Californian craft brewer Stone Brewing Co. has teamed up with Hawaii’s Maui Brewing Co. to distribute 21 different craft beer brands to the island of Maui.

Stone Craft Beverages, a distribution company formed by Maui Brewing Co. and San Diego-based Stone Brewing Co., will bring craft beers to the Hawaiian island from California, Oregon and Colorado on the US mainland.

The beer will be transported to the island from San Diego via refrigerated shipping containers, before being transported to shops, restaurants and bars via refrigerated trucks.

Stone Brewing Co. CEO and co-founder Greg Koch said it was important that the craft beer be kept at an optimal temperature at all times during distribution, to guarantee its flavours are faithfully preserved over the journey.

“Ensuring that fans enjoy fresh beer is something Stone has advocated for many years. The handling of beer during the distribution process is critically important. It’s with this philosophy in mind that Maui Brewing and Stone Brewing came together to develop a company that guarantees an incredible selection of fresh craft beers and ciders to Maui.”

Maui Brewing Co. founder Garrett Marrero was looking forward to helping Maui locals cast “commodity beer” aside in favour of quality craft beer from Hawaii and the continental USA.

“Craft beer options in Maui have grown since we first began brewing, and with the addition of 20 new brands, Hawaii is about to take another large, tasty leap forward. It’s exciting to partner with Stone, as our companies are aligned with the same beliefs and goals of providing the best possible craft beer to our fans.”

Thanks to this new partnership, people in Maui will be able to enjoy beer and cider by these craft brewers:

AleSmith Brewing Company (San Diego, CA)

Avery Brewing Company (Boulder, CO)

Bear Republic Brewing Co. (Healdsburg, CA)

Black Market Brewing Co. (Temecula, CA)

The Bruery (Placentia, CA)

Eel River Brewing Company (Fortuna, CA)

Great Divide Brewing Co. (Denver, CO)

Julian Hard Cider (Julian, CA)

Lightning Brewery (Poway, CA)

The Lost Abbey (San Marcos, CA)

Maui Brewing Co. (Maui, HI)

Modern Times Beer (San Diego, CA)

Mother Earth Brew Co. (Vista, CA)

Oskar Blues Brewery (Longmont, CO)

Pizza Port Brewing Company (Carlsbad, CA)

Port Brewing Company (San Marcos, CA)

Refuge Brewery (Temecula, CA)

Saint Archer Brewing Co. (San Diego, CA)

SKA Brewing (Durango, CO)

Stone Brewing Co. (Escondido, CA)

Wandering Aengus Ciderworks (Salem, OR)

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