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Answered: question about Sam Adams Cold Snap 2015/16

Does Sam Adams’ Cold Snap beer taste different to you?

Does Sam Adams’ Cold Snap beer taste different to you?

That’s the question on one reader’s mind, who emailed me from North Carolina a couple of days ago. Because I can’t adequately answer his email (I’m currently based in New Zealand), I figured I’d publish it in the hopes that someone out there – maybe even the brewery itself – might be able to.

Here’s the email…

Dear editor:

Are my taste buds gone nuts or is the Cold Snap of Winter last year 2014-15 winter season (light baby blue bottle top) and Cold Snap this year Winter months 2015-16 (dark royal blue bottle top) the same brew???

My taste buds say they are not !!! Last years Cold Snap had a hint of a “chocolatey” taste with a light sweet finish. Some of the best tasting brew I ever tasted. (Light baby blue bottle top)

This year’s Cold Snap (I also find it difficult to find) has more of a light “peppery” taste and a hint of a light spice finish.

Clearly two different brews according to my taste memory.

If they are indeed different brews, why the same name ???

Confusing. Very confusing.

Is it possible to still obtain the 2014-2015 bottle of the precious sweet nectar in the light baby blue bottle tops ???

Any help in this matter greatly appreciated !!!

Keep up the fine brewing !!!


[Name withheld for privacy]

Samuel Adams replies…

Within two days of this blog post going live, Sam Adams responded via Twitter.

Case closed… or is it?

Does this year’s Sam Adams Cold Snap taste different to you? Let me know in the comments section below, or hit me up on Twitter.

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  • Marty says:

    It Totally tastes different. Its more of a bitter light lager without the more full of delicious flavors taste. Its still good, but it was way better last year.

  • Mike B says:

    It is nowhere near as good as last year. Wife and I couldn’t wait for it to come back. I can’t drink more than 1at a time because of how bitter it is. It’ll take us a month to finish this 12 pack.

  • Lisa says:

    Listen, it is a very different taste. Both are quality beers but last years is by far the better of the 2. I know for a fact that they’re different because i stil have a few bottles from last year that i have saved. That is how good last years was because just before it went out of season I purchased a few cases to get me through to this season and I waited and anticipated to be disappointed….please bring back the old flavor. I couldn get enough of it. Pure deliciousness!
    Sincerely A “Sam Adams Cold Snap taste specialist!

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