Liberty Halo Pilsner Craft Beer Review

3 December 2017 - Best Beer HQ

Liberty Halo Pilsner Craft Beer Review

Though I’ve enjoyed Liberty Brewing’s Halo Pilsner countless times, I’ve never actually reviewed it at Best Beer HQ. That’s a grave oversight that must be rectified immediately…

ABV: 5.4%

Blurb about the beer: Halo Pilsner is quite positively a monument of New Zealand Pilsner. Proudly brewed with glorious Gladfield malts and a free rein of Nelson hops.

You can expect a good lashing of zesty lime citrus peel accentuated with tropical passion fruit, all shining proudly above a rye-cracker malt drizzled with subtle sweet caramel.

A staunch glittering beacon of refreshing hope and dignity in a shelf landscape of cloudy regularity.

Tastes like: A good old-fashioned Kiwi Summer; the sun is shining, the Black Caps are on the telly, and I’ve got an ice-cold bottle of Halo Pilsner in my hot little hand.

It’s a fruity drop, as all crafty Kiwi pilsners tend to be – with lashings of passion fruit, as it correctly states on the beer label – but it seems to me that Liberty Brewing has dialled up the malt in its pilsner, giving it a slightly yeasty, crispiness that is extremely refreshing. Halo Pilsner is moderately bitter as a result.

The verdict: Like I said, I’ve enjoyed this beer countless times, and Liberty Halo Pilsner never goes out of style – just like jandals, Tip Top Trumpets, and test cricket.

Beer/movie combination: I’m going to my favourite Auckland brew bar tonight to enjoy a couple of craft beers while I watch the greatest Christmas movie ever made: Die Hard.

Yippee ki-yay!

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