Funk Estate Parleyer Pilsner Review

16 November 2016 - Best Beer HQ

Funk Estate Parleyer Pilsner Review

A parley is most often a meeting between enemies, to discuss the terms of a truce. So it was rather apt last Friday evening, when my wife convinced me not to go out for a couple of drinks on the condition that I could pick up some craft beer at my local bottle store, that I grabbed a can of Funk Estate’s Parleyer Pilsner.

Not that my wife and I are enemies. She’s an amazing woman. (God, I hope she doesn’t read this beer blog! I’ll be in so much trouble if she does.)

ABV: 4.5%

Blurb on the can: This is the perfect drop for those extended and thought-provoking yarns between mates. Take the afternoon off, grab your pals, get some sun and some of this hoppy NZ pilsner for a parley.

Funk Estate: We’re a brewery nestled in Grey Lynn, Auckland. Originally from Wellington, we’ve spread our funky wings into our own facility, right in the big smoke. We make a range of solid drops, as well as some bigger, bolder and wackier numbers. Seek us out. Stay funky.

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Tastes like: This isn’t your Eastern European grandfather’s idea of a pilsner; it’s much fruitier – and funkier.

Parleyer Pilsner reeks (but in a good way) of citrus fruits, and boasts a tart, big hop taste that just about had me smacking my lips after every sip. It’s crisp, probably a tad over carbonated, and perhaps just a little bit one-dimensional when you get past the initial hop hit, though.

I drank it straight from the can, so can’t comment on the beer’s appearance, except to say that I enjoyed the Austin Powers-style funky yellow, silver and red can.

The verdict: I’m a big fan of the archetypal fruity and flowery New Zealand pilsner, so Funk Estate’s Parleyer Pilsner certainly hits my sweet spot. I’ll look forward to drinking a few more of these come the summer time.

Beer/movie combination: When I think of cinematic parleys, I think of Michael Mann’s excellent heist movie Heat and of the tense meeting between dogged detective Vincent Hanna and ruthless crime boss Neil McCauley – aka the legendary Al Pacino and the one-and-only Robert De Niro, sharing a scene together for the very first time. Dialogue scenes don’t get much better than this.

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