Best Beer HQ’s best beers of the summer – 2019/20

11 March 2020 - Best Beer HQ

Best Beer HQ’s best beers of the summer – 2019/20

It’s been a while.

In the 15 months since I last posted a beer review, I’ve become a dad, moved house, changed jobs – twice! – and generally tried my best to keep my head above proverbial water during the most tumultuous time in my life.

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is my love of beer. Though I haven’t had time to update this blog, I’ve always got time for a beer. These are a few of my favourites from the summer.

Rudi’s Lager

I originally got into craft beer all those years ago because I was bored of the mainstream lagers that dominated supermarket shelves. I sought refuge in pale ales, IPAs, and APAs. Now, I seem to have come full circle, because I’m all about the lagers and pilsners these days.

Not that there’s anything boring or mainstream about Rudi’s lager, which is super clean, crisp, and refreshing. Just what you want on a hot, sunny day. It’s such a crowd pleaser, I even served it at my son’s first birthday party. Not to the children, of course.

ParrotDog Lager

Admittedly, I only bought a box of ParrotDog lager (pictured at the top of the page) from my local New World supermarket because they’d run out of Rudi’s lager. Oh well. This refreshingly uncomplicated brew is, as it says on the side of the can, “nice”.

Actually, it’s quite a lot better than nice; it’s damn good beer.

Epic Lightning

Best Beer HQ’s best beers of the summer – 2019/20

I’m not sure whether this is a new beer this year, or an old one, and frankly I don’t have time to look it up. All I know is, I downed a can of Epic Lightning at the park this summer and it was absolutely magical. This beer boasts a sharply sweet citrus zing that pairs well with beaches, barbecues, and backyard cricket.

Urbanaut Brut Lager


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Mrs Best Beer HQ got me a can of Urbanaut’s brut lager, which comes in diminutive 250ml cans. It obviously gets top marks for presentation – as you can see, the can is cute AF with a Miami Vice-like colour scheme. In this form, it was the perfect cheeky beach beer.

But it’s not all about presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed the beer, too. I remember it being clean and dry, with sweet tropical summer notes. Obviously that’s just how I like my summer beers.

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